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Providing solutions to those dealing with child support matters

From the distribution of property to alimony and strong emotions, divorce can be complicated. However, for some parents, child support issues can be particularly difficult. When it comes to children, it is very important for parents to do everything they can to make separation easier. However, couples in Scranton and throughout the state of Pennsylvania who are preparing to file for divorce should try to work towards a positive outcome for everyone involved. Kalinoski Law Offices P.C. understands how emotional child support matters can be and we remain committed to helping people who are going through these challenges personally. If you are not receiving the child support you depend on or have concerns with the amount of child support you will be required to pay, it is crucial to address the situation as soon as you can.

Making child custody issues easier for parents

While legal issues can be complicated for any family who is dealing with divorce or separation, child custody can be a particularly frustrating (and emotional) experience. At Kalinoski Law Offices P.C., we remain committed to helping parents who are going through this find a solution. In Scranton, Pennsylvania, and across the country, people who are dealing with the stress and emotional pain that often comes with child custody issues should do everything they can to secure an outcome that is in the best interests of the child.

What penalties can a parent face for not paying child support?

Pennsylvania family court judges award child support in order to provide for the best interests of the children brought before their benches. Child support is not punitive against a parent; rather, it is ordered so that children affected by parental separation or other legal problems are adequately provided for from their non-custodial parents. Child support is intended to address a child's financial needs and when it is ignored by a paying parent, consequences can result.

What is best for children of divorce in Pennsylvania?

As divorcing couples in Pennsylvania may know, putting an end to a marriage is never easy and the process is even more complicated when there are children involved. Ending a legal relationship with one's spouse while maintaining one with the children is not easy and fragile emotional states often lead to couples being unable to come to a consensus regarding a parenting arrangement. In these situations, the court has to step in and make a custody determination based on a number of factors.

Understanding how child support is calculated in Pennsylvania

Do you know how Pennsylvania courts calculate child support payments? This process can seem fairly intimidating for those who are not familiar with the child support system in the state. Whether this is your first time in family court or your tenth, you can still benefit from the assistance of a professional legal team. Our attorneys can help you fight for your legal and financial rights while still serving the best interests of the child.

Summer visitation can raise questions about child custody

Are your co-parented children receiving the best guidance from both you and your ex-spouse? For parents who find themselves shuttling their kids back and forth between households in Pennsylvania, this may be a difficult question to answer. Since summer visitation season is in full swing, we thought we would provide you with a few extra tips to help you boost your co-parenting skills to serve the best interests of the child you love.

Bill would force rapists to pay child support, terminate custody

A bill that would force convicted rapists to pay child support toward victims who bear their children has progressed to the next step of the Pennsylvania legislative process. Current law allows women to seek the severance of a man's parental rights if he raped her; that is, he cannot have custody or visitation rights. However, a legal loophole prevents a woman from receiving child support from that man if his parental rights are terminated. A new bill would permit rape victims to pursue the termination of fathers' rights while still maintaining child support eligibility.

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