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Grandparent rights up for debate in many jurisdictions

Do you know your rights as a grandparent after your child divorces? Grandparent rights are a hot topic in the courts these days, with some states granting visitation and others resolutely refusing to involve grandparents in child custody agreements. Pennsylvania experts say that the actual recognition of grandparents' rights is a relatively new legal trend, with most laws dating back less than 35 years.

How grandparents can set the stage for child custody inclusion

In many states, grandparents do not have the innate right to be included in child custody agreements. That means that after a divorce, one set of grandparents could easily be left out of their grandchildren's lives. Although grandparent rights are a hot topic right now, most jurisdictions -- including Pennsylvania -- prioritize paternal rights over grandparent visitation. With that being said, how can you position yourself to have access to your grandchildren after your own child divorces? Today, we provide some tips to help grandparents stay active in their young relatives' lives.

Grandparent rights a hot topic throughout the nation

Should Pennsylvania grandparents be given access to their grandchildren even after the parents lose their parental rights? These and other questions are hot topics in legislatures throughout the United States. Now, lawmakers in Utah are striving to improve grandparent rights by considering a new measure that would expand visitation options.

Grandparent rights facing hurdle in state's highest court

Pennsylvania grandparents who are seeking expanded custody rights for their grandchildren often face serious difficulty in court. In general, courts tend to prioritize the preferences and needs of the children's biological parents, assuming that abuse is not a factor. Now, though, the highest court in Michigan is hearing a grandparent rights case that could have a nationwide ripple effect in family courts. The decision rendered in this particular case could set an important precedent about the ability of grandparents to seek visitation rights with their grandchildren.

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