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Arrested for DUI? Did you supposedly fail a field sobriety test?

Most people joke about not being able to walk a straight line when they are sober, let alone after drinking. Even though you might even say this in jest, the sentiment makes a valid point. Not everyone can walk a straight line, and that fact could result in an arrest on suspicion of DUI.

To plea or not to plea, that is the question

The courtroom drama is a staple of television and movies. As a result, many people facing criminal charges are under the impression that their case will be resolved through a trial. The fact is that the vast majority of criminal cases are resolved through a plea bargain. In a plea bargain, the prosecution makes some sort of offer to the defendant, such as a dismissal of some charges or a reduction in penalties, in exchange for a guilty plea. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, between 90 and 95 of cases in federal and state courts are resolved through a plea bargain.

DUI checkpoints increase over the summer

If you thought you noticed an increase in DUI checkpoints and patrols as the temperatures warmed up, you were right. More people go out during the warm summer nights, and police departments respond by cracking down on those who drive while under the influence. Given the increase in DUI arrests during the summer, you need to know your rights should you find yourself stopped at a checkpoint.

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