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The shifting perception of moms as primary caregivers

Decades ago, the mother stayed home and raised the children while her husband went out and earned a living. A lot has changed since then, and now many fathers defy those traditions in order to stay home and raise the children while their wives focus on their careers. In other cases, both parents share the child-rearing responsibilities as equally as they can.

The role of religion in divorce and child custody matters

Interfaith marriages are becoming increasingly common in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, 39 percent of Americans who have gotten married since 2010 have a spouse in a different religious group. Therefore, spouses of different religions who are undergoing divorce in Pennsylvania may have differing views when it comes to which religion their children will practice.

How joint custody impacts where a child attends school

If two Pennsylvania parents have joint physical custody and live in separate residences, they may have questions as to where their child will attend school. If a parenting plan was agreed on and put into place at the time of the divorce, issues regarding the child's education likely were decided at that time and the parenting plan will govern any schooling decisions. If there is no parenting plan in place, the parents cannot agree on a school or one parent is seeking a change to what was agreed upon, the issue can become more complicated.

What does legal and physical custody mean in a divorce case?

If you are a parent who is going through a divorce in Pennsylvania, you may hear terms such as sole, joint, physical and legal custody when discussing topics regarding your parental rights. Whether you are negotiating the terms of your divorce through mediation or traditional court litigation, it is vital that you understand what these terms mean in order to maximize your parental rights in a divorce settlement.

Considerations regarding parental relocation

For parents who have recently gone through a divorce, various legal issues such as property division and child support can make life stressful. However, parental relocation is often especially tricky and difficult for both of a child's parents. Furthermore, the laws vary from one state to another, which can make the process even more complicated. In Scranton, and across Pennsylvania, parents who have any questions or concerns regarding parental relocation need to immediately assess their case and understand how state law may affect their situation.

Can you keep your ex from moving away with your kids?

Like most parents in Scranton, you no doubt have the desire to develop and maintain a strong relationship with your children. That desire can be put to the test after a divorce. If your ex-spouse is awarded physical custody of your children and then attempts to relocate, your relationship with your children could become strained even further. If you are currently facing this scenario, state law does allow you the chance to keep your ex from moving.

Making child custody issues easier for parents

While legal issues can be complicated for any family who is dealing with divorce or separation, child custody can be a particularly frustrating (and emotional) experience. At Kalinoski Law Offices P.C., we remain committed to helping parents who are going through this find a solution. In Scranton, Pennsylvania, and across the country, people who are dealing with the stress and emotional pain that often comes with child custody issues should do everything they can to secure an outcome that is in the best interests of the child.

What is best for children of divorce in Pennsylvania?

As divorcing couples in Pennsylvania may know, putting an end to a marriage is never easy and the process is even more complicated when there are children involved. Ending a legal relationship with one's spouse while maintaining one with the children is not easy and fragile emotional states often lead to couples being unable to come to a consensus regarding a parenting arrangement. In these situations, the court has to step in and make a custody determination based on a number of factors.

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