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Are you considering a settlement for your personal injury case?

After suffering injuries in a serious car accident, your top priority was undoubtedly your physical and mental recovery. Of course, soon after the incident, you likely started having concerns about your financial affairs as medical expenses and other costs quickly started to add up. As a result, you may have begun considering your legal options for seeking compensation.

Personal injury claims are not uncommon after serious car accidents, and you may feel that you have reason to move forward with this type of claim. You may wonder, though, whether you should make reaching a settlement your goal in lieu of proceeding through a civil trial.

Considering a settlement

Settlements are not necessarily all bad, but it is important that you understand that settling a case can come with drawbacks. You may not obtain as much compensation as you could have if you went through a full jury trial, and you may have to make other sacrifices as well. In some cases, negotiating a settlement can take a significant amount of time if both sides cannot come to agreeable terms.

In this type of scenario, knowledge is one of your best allies. Although the idea of getting your case over with quickly and maintaining a certain amount of privacy may be appealing, you may want to consider input from your legal counsel. He or she could advise you regarding how much your claim could garner if you go through a full trial, the minimum amount of compensation you need to make your settlement worthwhile, how taxes will affect the settlement amount and other similar information.

Trial may still happen

Even if you do feel that coming to a settlement would benefit your overall situation, the possibility still exists that a trial could take place in the end. The other party may not feel willing to negotiate effectively to reach terms that you find beneficial, or an unacceptable stalemate could occur despite each side's best efforts. As a result, you may find it in your interests to obtain a court ruling on the case.

Certainly, personal injury claims cases can prove complex and deciding whether to take a settlement or move through a trial can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, your Pennsylvania legal counsel can help you understand the terms of proposed settlements, explore what outcomes could best suit your needs and learn how you can work toward the most favorable results for your personal situation.

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