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Women increasingly becoming obligated to pay child support

As women continue to gain strides in the workplace, seeing women in positions of wealth and power is becoming increasingly more common. This trend is also affecting a woman's role in her family, as the Community Digital News reports that mothers are the primary breadwinner in 40 percentof households with children.

For those families, the father often takes on a more active parenting role to compensate for the working mother's time outside of the home. In some cases, this reversal of roles may actually contribute to the deterioration of the marriage. According to Time Magazine, studies have shown that men are more likely to have low self-esteem and to be unfaithful when their wives earn more than they do.

These shifts in parenting roles are also causing a shift in the outcome of divorce and family law cases. If one spouse worked longer hours to provide for the family and the other spouse was more of a presence at home with the children, those roles are likely to continue even after a divorce and will probably be considered by a judge when awarding child support. Therefore, when a divorce occurs for women who are their family's primary breadwinner, they mind find themselves on the hook for paying child support to their ex since they are the ones with the stronger financial position.

When deciding which parent should be responsible for child support, the court will generally consider who was responsible for a larger share of the financial burden during the marriage. If it was the mother, then the court may decide that she should retain that share of financial responsiblity after the divorce.

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