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December 2015 Archives

The role of religion in divorce and child custody matters

Interfaith marriages are becoming increasingly common in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, 39 percent of Americans who have gotten married since 2010 have a spouse in a different religious group. Therefore, spouses of different religions who are undergoing divorce in Pennsylvania may have differing views when it comes to which religion their children will practice.

How joint custody impacts where a child attends school

If two Pennsylvania parents have joint physical custody and live in separate residences, they may have questions as to where their child will attend school. If a parenting plan was agreed on and put into place at the time of the divorce, issues regarding the child's education likely were decided at that time and the parenting plan will govern any schooling decisions. If there is no parenting plan in place, the parents cannot agree on a school or one parent is seeking a change to what was agreed upon, the issue can become more complicated.

Women increasingly becoming obligated to pay child support

As women continue to gain strides in the workplace, seeing women in positions of wealth and power is becoming increasingly more common. This trend is also affecting a woman's role in her family, as the Community Digital News reports that mothers are the primary breadwinner in 40 percentof households with children.

Handling items of sentimental value when dividing property

Property division is a crucial element of any Pennsylvania divorce proceeding. Generally, the law takes care to ensure that property, possessions and assets are divided equitably. For most tangible property, this is fairly simple as the value of the item can be determined by its market price or by an appraisal. Some assets, however, may have special sentimental or emotional value to one or both spouses. That value is intangible and care must be taken to ensure that a fair outcome is achieved.

Let go of the small stuff: A short guide to surviving divorce

With more than half of all marriages ending in divorce, many couples in Pennsylvania and across America are currently experiencing what it feels like to become separated from a marital union. The divorce process is certainly not ‘one size fits all.’ While some people struggle with financial, parenting and employment issues following a separation, others may have a smoother transition. Nevertheless, it is crucial that people understand what is really important when it comes to letting go of material objects and unnecessary stress and starting a new life.

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