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Reviewing examples of non-marital property

When a married couple decides to separate, they may encounter various hurdles, from alimony to child support issues. However, for people who are preparing for divorce in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and all over the United States, property division is often an especially difficult issue to deal with. According to information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pennsylvania divorce rate was 2.8 for every 1,000 people residing in the state in 2012. Across the nation, many people make the decision to file for divorce and they should understand how separation may impact their property.

On the Pennsylvania General Assembly's website, a number of examples of non-marital property are provided. For example, property that an individual acquired before their marriage is not considered marital property. Also, property that is excluded under a valid agreement signed by both parties is not subject to division. Property that someone received as a gift is typically considered non-marital property, unless the gifts were exchanged between spouses. Furthermore, property that an individual obtained after the final separation from their spouse is considered non-marital property.

While legal matters can make divorce seem complicated, many couples have determined that separation is the best path forward. For people who are facing this scenario firsthand, closely analyzing the ins and outs of the divorce process can help prevent unnecessary, costly and time-consuming challenges from making separation even more difficult. By understanding the different factors that courts take into account when making property division decisions, people can avoid some of the stress and uncertainty that those who are unprepared may experience when splitting up with their spouse.

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