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Taking a look at the custody rights of grandparents

When grandparents are unable to see their grandchildren, they may experience profound sadness. Also, grandchildren who are no longer able to have a relationship with their grandparents sometimes suffer negative consequences, which is why people should recognize their grandparent rights. In some cases, grandparents may want to consider taking legal action to secure visitation rights or child custody, depending on the circumstances. In Scranton, Pennsylvania, and across the entire U.S., ensuring that children receive the care they need is a top priority and grandparents who have been wrongfully denied access to their grandchildren should explore all avenues.

According to the Pennsylvania General Assembly's website, there are a number of situations where grandparents can file actions to obtain supervised physical custody or partial physical custody of their grandchildren. For example, grandparents can pursue supervised physical custody or partial physical custody if a child's parent passes away, his or her parents have been divorced for a minimum of six months or the child has lived with their grandparent for a minimum of one year before their parents removed them from the home. Furthermore, grandparents can file for legal custody or physical custody in certain situations, such as the child having a high risk of being abused or neglected by their parents or exposed to drug abuse.

On their web portal, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reports that over 5.8 million children are living with their grandparent in the United States. Additionally, one million of these children do not have a parent living with them. In Pennsylvania, more than 81,000 children live in households where their grandparents take care of them and more than 31,000 of these children do not live with their parents.

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