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Considerations regarding parental relocation

For parents who have recently gone through a divorce, various legal issues such as property division and child support can make life stressful. However, parental relocation is often especially tricky and difficult for both of a child's parents. Furthermore, the laws vary from one state to another, which can make the process even more complicated. In Scranton, and across Pennsylvania, parents who have any questions or concerns regarding parental relocation need to immediately assess their case and understand how state law may affect their situation.

According to the Pennsylvania General Assembly's site, parental relocation is not possible for Pennsylvanians unless certain conditions are met. If a parent wants to relocate with their child, all individuals who have custodial rights to the child must consent to the relocation or the court must approve of the parent's relocation proposal.

On the official website of York County, Pennsylvania, additional information concerning parental relocation is published, which is helpful for parents who are dealing with child custody issues over relocation. When it comes to court rulings on parental relocation, courts will review a number of factors that affect the best interests of the child. For example, courts will evaluate the quality of a child's relationship with the party that isn't relocating, their age, their preference and their ability to maintain a relationship with the non-relocating party, among other factors.

From relocation to a custody dispute, parents who are dealing with any emotional legal matters involving their children should always remain focused. By reviewing the law and taking the appropriate steps forward, parents can increase the likelihood of a healthy and successful outcome.

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