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Can a child support order be changed?

For parents who are struggling with child support matters, life can be complicated in many different ways. For example, a custodial parent may have a hard time paying for every day expenses, school supplies, medical needs and other costs when they aren't receiving child support. Alternatively, some parents are unable to pay child support, which may lead to jail time and other penalties. In Scranton, and throughout the state of Pennsylvania, parents who have encountered problems related to child support should do everything in their ability to resolve the situation as soon as they possibly can.

Unpaid child support results in jail sentence for rapper

When couples are involved in a child support dispute, there are a number of worries they may be trying to cope with. Whether a parent needs help paying for extracurricular expenses or a child's medical needs, there are many reasons why unpaid child support makes raising a child complicated. At the same time, some parents are not able to fulfill their child support obligations and make delinquent payments or do not even pay child support, which can present serious penalties. In Scranton, Pennsylvania, parents who have encountered any of these child support-related troubles should try to resolve the predicament immediately.

Making high asset divorces less complicated

For any couple going through divorce, there may be a plethora of legal hurdles and other challenges (such as emotional issues) that make life complicated. However, in Scranton, and across Pennsylvania, those who are involved in a high-asset divorce may be particularly stressed out. After all, daily life for a high-profile couple can be tricky, but with complex asset division, retirement plans and other matters (such as an offshore account), some people are overwhelmed when it comes to separating from their spouse. At Kalinoski Law Offices P.C., we are committed to simplifying the divorce process for our high-profile clients and understand the potential obstacles they may face.

Authorities apprehend man over unpaid child support

There are many reasons why parents count on child support, whether they need money to cover a child's medical needs or to pay for extracurricular expenses, among others. After all, raising a child can be very costly in Scranton, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, some people fail to pay child support, which can result in serious consequences such as fines and jail time. Whether a parent is owed back child support or has difficulty paying their child support, it is important to work towards a successful outcome and prioritize the best interests of the child.

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