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Accurate valuation essential in high-asset property division

Deciding to end a marriage is not an easy decision and there are many issues that need to be resolved before a divorcing couple can put an end to their legal relationship. One of the issues that may be the root of a divorce dispute is asset division. Couples tend to accumulate a lot of property during the course of their marriage, including art, as discussed in the previous post on the Scranton Divorce Law Blog, and determining which property was procured at which point is essential to the property division process.

A Scranton property division lawyer can help divorcing couples navigate through the process and separate marital property from non-marital property. Once this step is taken, lawyers then need to evaluate the property, and lawyers at our firm have an in-depth understanding of various asset valuation techniques depending on the type of property involved. If there are any complexities, lawyers at our firm do not hesitate to talk to pension evaluators, forensic accountants and other financial experts to shed light on the property evaluation. Our aim is to get the most accurate valuation of marital property.

We also understand that litigation may not be a divorcing couple's first priority. For this reason, we try to resolve disputes through other methods and assist couples in coming to an agreement themselves. We work with divorcing couples to determine what will suit their individual circumstances; we will protect their rights and strive to get them not only what they deserve but also what they need.

Lawyers at our firm have extensive knowledge and experience in protecting Scranton resident's property rights and can create a solutions-oriented approach to ensure asset division is done fairly and properly.

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