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Litigation should be the last option during property division

The end of marriage is often about property and assets. Here in Scranton, Pennsylvania, many divorced residents first think of property division as an even 50-50 split because the state uses an equitable distribution model. However, readers need to understand that an equitable split does not necessarily mean that all property obtained during the marriage will be divided equally. Courts consider several factors, including the length of the marriage, in determining the outcome of property division.

Here at Kalinoski Law Offices PC, our attorneys have handled numerous cases involving property division. When dealing with such cases, we often persuade our clients to use alternative methods before they opt for litigation. Alternative methods such as mediation allow divorcing parties to have more control over the outcome of property division. The success of such methods depends on the divorcing parties. If both parties can focus on the issue at hand and set aside their differences, they can effectively negotiate in order to reach a favorable outcome. The golden rule in property division is to avoid fighting over small items that have no value at all. It is also important for divorcing parties to focus not only on tangible assets such as a house, but also on intangible assets such as offshore accounts and investments, which can grow in value over time.

Divorcing spouses also should pay attention to the valuation of marital property. To avoid discrepancies, both parties can agree on employing an independent appraiser. The appraiser can help in valuation, thus allowing both parties to better understand the worth of each asset and, as a result, make sound decisions on how to distribute those assets.

Readers who are in the middle of the property division process and other divorce-related issues may find our website valuable. The website offers basic information about each divorce issue. Readers may also wish to consult our legal professionals if they need an in-depth analysis of their case.

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