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Raising a child in PA is financially challenging; we can help

If you are living in Scranton, Pennsylvania, or anywhere throughout the state, you may be aware of one of the most common issues faced by single parents -- child support. It is common knowledge that both parents have a responsibility in raising their children. That responsibility does not end when the parents have decided to separate or end their marriage. Child support issues concern both parents. It is important for parents to deal with the issue seriously to ensure that their children will obtain their necessary needs.

Our law firm, Kalinoski Law Offices, P.C., has seen too many parents have trouble dealing with child support issues. Some parents sought to modify child support orders because they believe that the amount was either too small or too high. If parents believe that the amount is not enough for the everyday expenses of the child, they can seek to modify child support.

Such cases often happen when one parent believes that the other parent is hiding income. Our team of legal professionals can work with specialists to determine the true income of the other parent. Once we have discovered the real income of the other parent, we can proceed in seeking to increase the amount.

Supporting parents, on the other hand, can also seek to decrease child support amount if they believe that the amount deprives them of their needs. The amount should be fair and just for the supporting party as well. We handle such cases and convince judges that the amount should be decreased to a fair level.

Readers who have more questions regarding child support and other related issues should check our law firm's website. The website provides legal insight to those people who have similar issues or concerns.

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