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Divorce is a complex process that requires couples to make decisions about several important issues, one of which is property division. Some Pennsylvania residents have an idea about how the system works when it comes to dividing marital property and assets. However, only someone who has been through a divorce can describe just how complex the process can be. It is not unusual for property division to turn contentious if one or the other spouse believes he or she is not getting a fair share of the couple's combined wealth. Fortunately, if a couple wants to avoid this type of conflict, they can take certain proactive steps and adopt a more straightforward approach.

Our law firm handles property division throughout Pennsylvania. We perform in-depth analyses when handling such issues to ensure that our clients will obtain their fair share of marital property. We often tell our clients that litigation is not the sole solution or even the most desired solution to property division. When spouses allow a judge to decide the outcome of their divorce, they lose their ability to take control of the outcome. If both parties can set aside their emotions and focus on the issues, however, they can create an agreement that divides their property, assets and debts in a way that is favorable to both of them.

Each property division case is unique. Divorcing spouses should avoid comparing their own situation with those of other divorced individuals because each case has its own variables. The best approach considers the unique circumstances of the divorcing individuals in their own specific case.

If you are currently dealing with property division, we are here to listen. And if you are interested in learning more about the basics of divorce and property division, you can also check our website.

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