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How to handle pet custody amid property division

Our readers in Scranton, Pennsylvania, know that in many divorce cases the parties argue over property and assets, which can help ensure them a stable financial footing once their divorce is over. Because of the stakes involved in property division, being transparent often becomes an issue for both sides. Our readers should note that they key in any divorce issue is being honest. Failure to do so can prolong the legal process.

Nowadays, an increasing number of divorcing individuals often find themselves fighting over the custody of their pets. Unlike children, pets are considered property in a divorce. Divvying up the pet dog, for example, can be complicated. In similar cases, family law judges suggest that both parties negotiate and create a custody arrangement that best fits their unique circumstances. Once both parties have created a pet custody agreement they have to formalize it and put it in the divorce agreement. Both parties should consider the needs of their pets when discussing custody. Whoever must handle the everyday care of the pet should get custody, while the other party can have visitation rights with the pet. Another way to help resolve the pet custody issue is talking to a veterinarian who can suggest which arrangement is the best for the pet.

Our readers can learn a thing or two about pet custody and apply it to their more complex issues in property division. First, legal issues can be easily resolved if both parties are willing to cooperate. Although cooperating with a soon-to-be ex-spouse may be difficult, doing so can speed up the divorce.

Second, divorcing spouses can trade some property or assets in exchange for something that has sentimental value. Just like with pet custody, one party can choose to give up the family pet in exchange of another valuable item.

Source: Huffingtonpost.com, "Divorce confidential: the fight for your pet in divorce," Carolina Choi, Sept. 24, 2014

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