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Each child support issue is unique

Child support is often sensationalized, with dramatic reports of parents who have chosen to dodge their responsibilities and end up accumulating huge child support arrears. Keep in mind, however, that oftentimes delinquent payments could be a result of various unforeseen factors, such as unemployment or other financial hardships like medical issues that preclude employment. When discussing child support issues, either as a parent seeking child support or required to pay support, it is important to understand that the amount should be enough to cover the child's expenses, while still keeping a lifestyle you all deserve.

Our law firm understands that child support issues can be complex. Here in Pennsylvania, family law courts use the "income shares" model when calculating child support. This means that children whose parents are separated, divorced or never married, are entitled to the same amount of financial support available as if their parents were still living under the same roof. When calculating child support, courts look into several factors, such as the number of children who need financial assistance, the income of both parents, medical needs of the children, education needs of the children, daycare costs and child support obligations from additional relationships, if applicable.

After analyzing those factors, courts will determine the appropriate amount of child support, which is awarded to the custodial parent. If you are dealing with child support issues right now, you must understand that deviation from the traditional calculation of child support is possible under certain circumstances, if both parents are in agreement. For example, if a child has special medical needs, both parents may decide to increase the amount of child support.

Child support issues vary. Our law firm has helped many parents reach the most favorable outcomes in unique child support issues. You can learn more about child support by visiting our law firm's website.

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