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Separate property in Pennsylvania divorces

Often in a divorce, there will be some property that is deemed to be separate property. This means the property specifically belongs to one of the two divorcing parties rather than having belonged to the combined marital estate. Generally, separate property is off of the table in a divorce's division of property and will remain with the party it belongs to in a divorce.

When the best interests of a child involves grandparents' rights

Not all children are raised by their parents. In some special circumstances, grandparents step up and take care of the children in the absence of their parents. Many Pennsylvanians are probably aware that grandparents play an important role in the growth and development of their grandchildren. Depending on each unique situation, grandparents may choose to seek visitation rights or custody of their grandchildren.

What factors do Pennsylvania judges consider in custody hearings?

When parents of minor children are going through a divorce, one of the issues that needs to be taken care of is child custody. If the parents are not able to come to an agreement as to what sort of child custody arrangement to have, the matter will generally go to a custody hearing, in which a judge will make a decision on the custody issue. Here in Pennsylvania, the best interests of the child are what a judge is to base their decision on.

Equitable distribution requires asset valuation to be fair

Did you know that Pennsylvania courts have an "equitable distribution" model to help couples fairly split their marital property? Although this model purports to be fair, some clients are surprised to learn that it does not require the equal division of property. That is, "equitable distribution" may mean that you get less than half of the value of your marital property. Protect your financial and legal interests by understanding the law in Pennsylvania -- and enlisting the help of an attorney with knowledge about complex asset division.

What is the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act?

Child abduction is one of the most high-profile political and legal issues in the nation. Even though most of us think of abduction and kidnapping as being perpetrated by strangers, the fact remains that about three in four kids are actually taken by a relative. In some cases, family members are distraught over child custody decisions that they think freeze them out of their kids' lives. The parent who has primary physical custody may be put in a horrifying situation if such an abduction occurs. It is important to realize that custodial parents have additional rights and resources under an important piece of Pennsylvania legislation.

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