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June 2014 Archives

Property division for your pets: How to negotiate animal custody

If you think that custody battles over children get heated, you might be surprised to learn that those involving pets can become downright explosive. As Pennsylvanians spend more time and money on their pets than ever before, property division questions are continuing to arise over the custody of these animals. The fact remains that pets are still considered property -- not family members -- and modern courts are struggling to reconcile outdated laws with our modern concept of pet ownership.

Bill would force rapists to pay child support, terminate custody

A bill that would force convicted rapists to pay child support toward victims who bear their children has progressed to the next step of the Pennsylvania legislative process. Current law allows women to seek the severance of a man's parental rights if he raped her; that is, he cannot have custody or visitation rights. However, a legal loophole prevents a woman from receiving child support from that man if his parental rights are terminated. A new bill would permit rape victims to pursue the termination of fathers' rights while still maintaining child support eligibility.

Is relocation in the best interests of the child?

You are in the heat of your Pennsylvania divorce, and the only thing you can think about is getting out of Dodge. Although it is understandable that you would want to get a fresh start in another location -- preferably away from your ex -- this is not always the best course of action. That is especially true for couples who have children. Considering the best interests of the child is not always easy, but it should be prioritized. Here are some things to consider before you decide to take the plunge and move away with your kids.

Navigating graduation after your Pennsylvania divorce

So, your little boy or girl is all grown up, and they are set to walk the stage for their high school graduation. This is a time of celebration and joy for most families, but things can get a little tricky for those who have been sharing joint custody of their child. The truth remains that divorce is difficult for most families to navigate, and its aftereffects can be felt at many major life events. Parents of 2014 grads are therefore urged to keep their cool during the festivities; a positive attitude and compassionate demeanor can go a long way in promoting harmony within even a divorced family.

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