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Man prohibited from having more kids until he pays child support

Would you believe that a court in Pennsylvania's neighboring state of Ohio is attempting to prohibit a man from having children? That's right, the man is being barred from reproducing until he pays child support for his existing kids. Reports show that the defendant will be required to spend five years on probation, and he may not have any more children during that time. The order may be lifted if the defendant makes up the nearly $100,000 in child support he owes for his four children. He could go to prison for a year if he violates the terms of his probation, according to news reports.

An appeals court upheld the ruling in a recent decision. The original judge had handed down the mandate in 2013. The appeals court decided to affirm that ruling, but judges did not issue an opinion on the appropriateness of the order.

The ruling is, of course, extremely controversial, considering that the court has little place in Americans' bedrooms. Attorneys for the defendant argued that he was being unfairly prevented from having sexual intercourse by the court sentence. For that reason, the case is likely headed to the Ohio Supreme Court for review.

The order does show the stakes, however, for parents who refuse to pay their child support and meet the financial needs of their kids. This man is facing five years' probation for failure to pay, and he could suffer other legal consequences. Parents who are having difficulty paying their child support amounts may be eligible for adjustments; however, failure to pay child support is taken very seriously in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

Source: The Washington Post, "Ohio appeals court tells man he can’t have more kids until he pays for the ones he’s got" Lindsey Bever, May. 15, 2014

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