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Making divorce easier on your Pennsylvania kids

It may seem obvious to say that Pennsylvania children are definitely involved in a breakup when a divorce occurs in the family. All too often, though, parents, relatives and friends fail to recognize the impact of a divorce on the couple's kids. In the midst of the child custody negotiations and property division disputes, your children are still trying to sort out their new lives. No matter how much the parents are hurting, they have a responsibility to help support their kids through this difficult time. Today, we bring you some tips for shielding your children from some of the most devastating effects of a divorce.

Parents who work together to promote their kids' welfare during a divorce may experience better family outcomes. Both parents should encourage the children to spend quality time with the other. That is, never use time from the other parent as an incentive or punishment -- children need both adults in their lives during this tumultuous time. With that said, parents need to make sure that they are speaking respectfully about each other. Try not to disparage your ex in front of your kids. Remember, that person is also their parent.

Divorce can also be a solemn business, which is why parents need to set aside time to play with their kids. It is easy to forget how to be playful and mirthful during this time, but making an effort can change your kids' experience. Unite with your other parent to plan positive activities with the children, and promote your kids' welfare first!

The process of marital dissolution is certainly not easy for anyone. However, with a team of professionals behind you -- and the right attitude -- you can also achieve a harmonious uncoupling. Prioritize your kids' needs and focus on respectful communication, and your breakup could be much easier.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Remember, Your Children Are Going Through This Divorce Too" Michelle Crosby, May. 06, 2014

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