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How grandparents can set the stage for child custody inclusion

In many states, grandparents do not have the innate right to be included in child custody agreements. That means that after a divorce, one set of grandparents could easily be left out of their grandchildren's lives. Although grandparent rights are a hot topic right now, most jurisdictions -- including Pennsylvania -- prioritize paternal rights over grandparent visitation. With that being said, how can you position yourself to have access to your grandchildren after your own child divorces? Today, we provide some tips to help grandparents stay active in their young relatives' lives.

Man prohibited from having more kids until he pays child support

Would you believe that a court in Pennsylvania's neighboring state of Ohio is attempting to prohibit a man from having children? That's right, the man is being barred from reproducing until he pays child support for his existing kids. Reports show that the defendant will be required to spend five years on probation, and he may not have any more children during that time. The order may be lifted if the defendant makes up the nearly $100,000 in child support he owes for his four children. He could go to prison for a year if he violates the terms of his probation, according to news reports.

Making divorce easier on your Pennsylvania kids

It may seem obvious to say that Pennsylvania children are definitely involved in a breakup when a divorce occurs in the family. All too often, though, parents, relatives and friends fail to recognize the impact of a divorce on the couple's kids. In the midst of the child custody negotiations and property division disputes, your children are still trying to sort out their new lives. No matter how much the parents are hurting, they have a responsibility to help support their kids through this difficult time. Today, we bring you some tips for shielding your children from some of the most devastating effects of a divorce.

Court: Property division rules pertain to dogs during divorce

Pennsylvania couples with pets often struggle to determine doggy custody after a divorce. It is important to remember that animals are considered property, so they are subject to property division rules instead of those that govern child custody. A recent ruling out of Vermont demonstrates the type of legal action that may be taken in a doggy custody case.

Man arrested 12 times for child support non-payment

Paying child support is not always the easiest task. Getting a court-ordered modification can be a challenge, and parents often find themselves struggling to catch up after their child support accounts get in arrears. Non-custodial parents should realize that there are resources in Pennsylvania that can help them meet their child support obligations or achieve modifications to a payment agreement. Parents are urged to consider utilizing these options before it is too late and they are unfairly branded with the pejorative "deadbeat" label.

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