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March 2014 Archives

Oil company leader could lose shares to marital property division

Pennsylvania couples who are working through high-asset divorce scenarios may realize that some property division questions are very difficult to answer. This is particularly true for business owners or people who own large holdings within a business they operate. One Oklahoma man is now facing the possibility of losing control of Continental Resources, an oil production company, simply because of a quirk in the marital property laws in that state.

Pennsylvania dad fighting for child custody after secret adoption

A Pennsylvania man is embroiled in a bitter custody battle after his son was allegedly placed in an adoptive home without his knowledge. The man, age 20, contends that the mother of his son intentionally concealed the fact that the child had been born. That woman is accused of fleeing to Utah to complete the adoption; dads in that state do not have the same paternity rights as those in Pennsylvania.

Grandparent rights a hot topic throughout the nation

Should Pennsylvania grandparents be given access to their grandchildren even after the parents lose their parental rights? These and other questions are hot topics in legislatures throughout the United States. Now, lawmakers in Utah are striving to improve grandparent rights by considering a new measure that would expand visitation options.

Health insurance no longer property division bargaining chip

The Affordable Care Act has helped scores of Pennsylvania residents receive the medical care they desperately need, but it is also having an interesting side effect on relationships throughout the nation. Now that insurance has been removed as a bargaining chip during the property division phase of a divorce, many experts say that more people are choosing to dissolve their marriages. Some Pennsylvania residents were forced to stay with their spouses simply because they could not afford to obtain their own insurance.

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