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Miller's child custody batter thrust back into spotlight in Sochi

With all of the focus on the Sochi Olympics in Pennsylvania and other states, the spotlight has been thrust upon several American medalists. None of these athletes is more controversial in the family law community than Bode Miller, who has made headlines throughout recent months because of a vicious child custody debate. Miller, who medaled in the super-G race, was the target of a variety of personal questions during the Olympic coverage, including some inquiries into the ongoing custody battle.

Although the issue had made headlines throughout 2013, many Americans were not aware that Miller's child custody battle was so hotly contested until Olympic coverage broached the subject. Before you jump to the conclusion that Miller's custody dispute is probably just another celebrity argument, think again. The case was significant because it placed the rights of pregnant women front-and-center in the child custody debate.

The mother of Miller's child briefly dated the skier in 2012. By the time he found out she was pregnant, he was already in a relationship with his now-wife. The mother left California to attend college in New York, where the baby was born a year ago. A New York judge handed down a shocking ruling, accusing the woman of making off with Miller's unborn child. In other words, the woman was chastised for moving to another state while still pregnant with Miller's son.

Advocacy groups understandably launched a campaign against the decision. An appeals court ultimately overturned that child custody decision, and a short-term agreement was patched together for post-Olympic parenting. Still, many Americans are pondering bigger questions about the rights of pregnant women, thanks to the controversial legal decisions surrounding this case.

Parents who are struggling to draft an acceptable child custody agreement may benefit from consulting a Pennsylvania attorney. These parents may not know about all of their legal rights and options as they relate to child custody modifications. Pennsylvania attorneys may provide additional information and guidance for parents who are concerned about the best interests of the child.

Source: Babble, "Bode Miller’s Custody Case: What It Means for Pregnant Women Everywhere" Alic Gomstyn, Feb. 17, 2014

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