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Bethenny Frankel moves out of family home, divorce ongoing

Would you live in the same home as your ex during a contentious divorce? Although many Pennsylvania residents might balk at such a proposal, television star and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel had been living with her ex for more than a year after filing for divorce in late 2012. Now, though, it appears that Frankel has finally made the move into her own abode, at least part-time. News reports show that the well-to-do Frankel has rented an apartment near the family home so she can spend one-on-one time with her daughter.

The contentious nature of this high-asset divorce has not been a secret. Insiders say that Frankel's soon-to-be ex-husband is refusing to sign divorce papers because he is holding out for more money. Frankel's ample business assets could be affected by the split.

Frankel has reportedly rented the second apartment so she could spend more time with her daughter during the high-asset divorce. The girl's paternal grandparents reportedly come to visit their home with some frequency, which has become increasingly awkward, according to an inside source. Those older relatives travel from Pennsylvania on weekends to spend time with their granddaughter, causing the home to reportedly feel quite uncomfortable. Now, Frankel has a space dedicated for time with her daughter.

News articles indicate that this might be a strategic move. Frankel is seeking full-time custody of her daughter, while her soon-to-be ex-husband is pressing for a joint agreement. The custody arrangements are still being debated.

High-asset divorce has many challenges that do not arise during a more modest proceeding. Division of real estate and complex assets can be difficult, and marital property division is not always clear-cut. Pennsylvania attorneys may be able to help their clients resolve concerns about asset division, custody agreements and a variety of other family law issues.

Source: Eaminer, "Bethenny Frankel moves into rented apartment during divorce" Mary Jane, Feb. 07, 2014

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