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February 2014 Archives

Miller's child custody batter thrust back into spotlight in Sochi

With all of the focus on the Sochi Olympics in Pennsylvania and other states, the spotlight has been thrust upon several American medalists. None of these athletes is more controversial in the family law community than Bode Miller, who has made headlines throughout recent months because of a vicious child custody debate. Miller, who medaled in the super-G race, was the target of a variety of personal questions during the Olympic coverage, including some inquiries into the ongoing custody battle.

Marital property could play critical role in new economy

Single parents who have gone through a divorce in Pennsylvania may have a difficult time getting back on their feet after their breakup. In some cases, victims suffer from unscrupulous or unfair property division, which leaves them with financial troubles years after their divorce. In the wake of the 2008 Great Recession, many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, especially with benefits for long-term unemployed workers rapidly dwindling.

Bethenny Frankel moves out of family home, divorce ongoing

Would you live in the same home as your ex during a contentious divorce? Although many Pennsylvania residents might balk at such a proposal, television star and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel had been living with her ex for more than a year after filing for divorce in late 2012. Now, though, it appears that Frankel has finally made the move into her own abode, at least part-time. News reports show that the well-to-do Frankel has rented an apartment near the family home so she can spend one-on-one time with her daughter.

High-asset divorce helped along by post-nuptial agreement

Pennsylvania residents with relative wealth know that their divorces are likely to be somewhat different from those with fewer assets. These high-asset divorces depend on accurate asset valuation and careful division of marital property. Not surprisingly, even those in the heralded "1 percent" sometimes end their marriages.

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