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Women seeking child custody after drug addiction battles

It is somewhat rare to discuss women who are struggling to regain custody of their children - after all, moms are often thought of as the "responsible" parent in modern courtroom scenarios. Still, some Pennsylvania women struggle with serious addictions and other concerns that prevent them from being actively involved in their kids' lives; it just isn't in the best interests of the child. Now, though, some East Coast women are working to regain their parental rights through specialized probation programs that help them earn additional visitation rights.

These support groups are still relatively uncommon, but they provide a measure of hope for moms who are looking for child custody modification. These programs generally last for several months, providing information about domestic violence and female health. Further, moms are given instruction about petitioning family court for partial or full custody of their kids.

Not only do the support groups provide critical information for children battling addiction; they also allow the women to build community and motivation to kick their drug habits for good. In many cases, women have signed over custody of their children to their parents or other family members after falling into drug addiction. Women in the program report stronger social ties, and they are optimistic about their individual futures. After receiving appropriate drug-rehabilitation treatment, the women are able to realize the importance of their own families in their lives.

Even though these and other parents are struggling to overcome drug addiction, they may be able to regain some form of legal custody over their children. Judges may consider child custody modifications if the women can prove that they have turned their lives around. Such parents in Pennsylvania may not necessarily have access to such support groups, but they can consult qualified family attorneys to learn more about their legal rights after receiving drug treatment.

Source: Patriot Ledger, "With help from probation group, moms hope to regain child custody" Lane Lambert, Dec. 23, 2013

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