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Prenuptial agreements help Orthodox Jewish women

Jewish communities in Pennsylvania and other states are experiencing continued difficulties with divorce. In the Orthodox Jewish faith, a divorce through the court system is not enough. The wife must first obtain a "get," which is a special letter written by her husband. It provides the woman with permission to leave the marriage. Without the document, she loses the ability to remarry and have legitimate children in the eyes of the faith. As a result, a growing number of Orthodox rabbis are insisting that couples obtain a prenuptial agreement before they get married.

Grandparent rights facing hurdle in state's highest court

Pennsylvania grandparents who are seeking expanded custody rights for their grandchildren often face serious difficulty in court. In general, courts tend to prioritize the preferences and needs of the children's biological parents, assuming that abuse is not a factor. Now, though, the highest court in Michigan is hearing a grandparent rights case that could have a nationwide ripple effect in family courts. The decision rendered in this particular case could set an important precedent about the ability of grandparents to seek visitation rights with their grandchildren.

Strategies for successful property division in divorce

Pennsylvania couples who are headed for divorce may be particularly concerned about the status of their financial affairs. Property division can admittedly seem daunting, as a large number of financial statements and documents are required during the process. Still, with more than 800,000 people filing for divorce every year in the U.S., Pennsylvania couples should realize that they are not alone in their marital property concerns. Today, we discuss some important steps each person can take before he or she enters marital property negotiation.

Prenuptial agreements, estate plans for second marriages

So, you are getting married for a second time. If you did not have a prenuptial agreement for your first Pennsylvania marriage, you might consider drafting such a document before you hear wedding bells again. Some people who choose to remarry may realize how difficult it can truly be to integrate two individuals' financial plans. Still others want to maintain their inheritance for their kids instead of risking their assets in a divorce. No matter what your reasons are for seeking a prenuptial agreement for a repeat marriage, a qualified Pennsylvania family attorney can help you learn more about composing this important directive.

Women seeking child custody after drug addiction battles

It is somewhat rare to discuss women who are struggling to regain custody of their children - after all, moms are often thought of as the "responsible" parent in modern courtroom scenarios. Still, some Pennsylvania women struggle with serious addictions and other concerns that prevent them from being actively involved in their kids' lives; it just isn't in the best interests of the child. Now, though, some East Coast women are working to regain their parental rights through specialized probation programs that help them earn additional visitation rights.

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