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November 2013 Archives

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch finalizes divorce

Many of our Pennsylvania readers are familiar with Rupert Murdoch, a man whose name has become synonymous with extravagant wealth. As the director of several worldwide media organizations, Murdoch has amassed a personal fortune totaling in the billions of dollars.

Lesbian couple settles 7-year child custody dispute

As our technology moves forward, so too must the laws that govern the use of that technology. Advances in reproductive medicine, for example, can have enormous implications for family law, as they can lead to complicated questions of custody and child support.

How to make sure your prenup will hold up in court

Many people in Pennsylvania have heard stories of prenups getting tossed out because they were too outrageous. Even if you have good intentions about your prenuptial agreement, however, there are some easy-to-make mistakes that can leave you out of luck should you choose to get divorced.

Do you have an inventory of marital property for your divorce?

The tradition of having one spouse in a marriage do all of the financial planning goes back a long time. In a way, it makes sense to divvy up responsibilities: people have different personalities and interests, and maybe one spouse is simply more inclined to keep up with accounts and make investments while the other spouse handles a variety of other family-related matters.

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