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Wife of Clint Eastwood files for divorce, ending 17-year marriage

While practically everyone knows Clint Eastwood, practically no one knows Clint Eastwood's wife. That's all about to change, as the couple has filed for divorce after being separated for more than a year.

Eastwood's wife, Dina Eastwood, filed the papers recently and cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason why she filed for divorce. The Eastwoods have been married for 17 years -- but according to Dina, they have been separated and living apart for roughly one year. The soon-to-be-former couple has a daughter who is now 16 years old. Dina has requested physical custody of their daughter, though she is open to sharing custody.

There are a couple of issues to tackle here, and the first is that child custody can sometimes be tricky. Most couples are able to agree some kind of shared custody arrangement, which is beneficial for everyone involved. The splitting spouses don't waste time in court arguing over custody, and they both get to spend some time with their children. At the same time, the child gets to enjoy an active relationship with both of their parents, while also being freed from the often complex nature of a divided home where the parents are on the brink of divorce.

However, if the parents simply can't agree on child custody, they will need experienced lawyers to help them build a case that substantiates their claim for sole custody.

The other aspect of note in the Eastwood divorce is the separation. Many couples use this tactic, and there's nothing wrong with it. However, in some cases, it behooves the couple to just get it over with -- to rip the band-aid off, if you will. The separation may just be a false sense of security for some couples, leaving them with the stressed-out feeling they have had since their marriage began to fall apart. Ending things officially -- and filing for divorce -- can spare you that anguish and get you on the path to a new, and hopefully brighter, chapter in your life.

Source: CNN, "Clint Eastwood's wife files for divorce," Alan Duke, Oct. 25, 2013

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