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In vitro changing the definition of parent in Scranton

Relationships are complicated. That fact hasn’t changed for hundreds of years, despite the reality that society looks nothing like it did a century ago. As our society transforms, the law must keep up. When it comes to relationships, the law in Pennsylvania and nationwide is undergoing a period of major change once again.

Part of this change mentioned above involves medical advancements that weren’t available only decades ago, and it has complicated the definition of a parent in child custody disputes. A case out of California acts as a very unique example involving in vitro fertilization and same-sex couples.

The case was detailed in a book written by Laura Wasser, a woman who deals with a number of celebrity divorces. In this case, the two women had legally gotten married in California. Then, they had two children together.

Since having children the conventional way was biologically impossible, they worked up a plan to ensure that both women would be able to give birth and share equal DNA with each child.

How was this possible? The easy part was that the same sperm donor was used for both children. Then, the women each donated an egg to be fertilized. Each woman then had the other partner’s fertilized egg implanted in her womb. Equal biology, equal parenting they thought at the time.

It was creative, unique and something that the two women wanted to uphold when they decided to end their marriage. However, the two women and their attorneys felt that the elderly judge’s mind was set in a different time. To them, they felt like their “lifestyle” as the judge called it was something he just couldn’t wrap his mind around.

This outmoded view of the world and the law, they felt, affected the decisions he made in their case. Eventually, the women and their lawyers felt that mediation would be the best option for them.

Experience is certainly important when it comes to choosing a divorce lawyer in Scranton. It is also important to choose one that you know understands your individual circumstances and needs.

Source: Business Insider, “A Lesbian Couple’s Messy Split Shows How US Law Has Completely Changed,” Laura Wasser, Oct. 22, 2013

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