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Sesame Street character involved in precedent-setting split

Many Scranton residents may not have heard of "palimony," even though it is part of New Jersey law -- and that's okay, because the palimony provision rarely comes into effect (at least relative to common divorce issues). Palimony is a way for unmarried couples who break up to earn an alimony (or spousal support) equivalent. It is difficult to prove, as the law requires some written form of confirmation to apply palimony.

Common misconceptions about finances in divorce

Divorce is fraught with emotions that can cloud one's judgment during the process. Some simply want to be done with the process may make decisions without completely understanding the future implications (even though they may indicate that they do). Nevertheless, it is critical to know what the terms and conditions of a divorce decree means, as well as how payments (such as alimony and other asset transfers) are calculated. 

Think high-asset divorces are easier? Think again.

Some Pennsylvania residents might assume that the divorce of a wealthy couple -- or one in which at least one person is very wealthy -- might be a cakewalk compared to the average marital split. After all, the wealthy spouse is likely to stay wealthy, and the other spouse is sure to get a sizeable chunk of that wealth through alimony ... right?

Grandparents raising children benefit from support network

Most Pennsylvania residents have heard the old proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child." And most parents are quick to admit that they rely on a network of friends, family, teachers and other members of their community to ensure their children grow up happy, well-adjusted, educated and safe. But what if that network is missing? To take the question a step further, what if the parents aren't in the picture?

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