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February 2012 Archives

Expungement of your summary offense

Did you have an unfortunate run in with law enforcement years ago that resulted in a summary conviction either through a plea or finding of guilt that you regret and now you want the summary conviction eliminated from your criminal record?

Intellectual Property Is a Valuable Asset

A well rounded company knows the importance of investing in one of their most valuable assets..that being their intellectual property. Whether it be a patent, trademark, copyright, or a trade secret protection agreement, proper intellectual property protection can add value to this company asset.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance Is Not Full Tort

Everyone is looking to save money with todays economy, however for Pennsylvania motorists electing limited tort on your automobile insurance policy over a full tort selection is not a wise savings decision. In Pennsylvania by selecting limited tort you are limiting your right to sue another regardless of their negligence except in certain limited situations. With a limited tort selection if you survive the accident and your injuries are less than permanent in nature and you didn't get injured by a drunk driver or a person driving a vehicle registered in a state other than Pennsylvania, and you otherwise weren't a pedestrian or operating a bicycle, motorcycle or a passenger on a commercial vehicle such as a bus, taxi, or a passenger in a tractor trailer, you may be precluded from filing a lawsuit or settling with the other party for your injuries because of your limited tort selection.

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