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What is the ARD program and who can get into it?

The state of Pennsylvania does not take drug- and alcohol-related crimes lightly. That said, the state does understand that jail time is not the appropriate punishment for every one of these cases. Addiction is a real problem, and some people would benefit from rehabilitation rather than traditional criminal punishment. This is what the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition Program is for.

Most states have their own version of the ARD program. How does it work in Pennsylvania? Who can get into the program? What happens if a person fails to complete the ARD program in its entirety?

Is filing for divorce during retirement too hard?

Approaching your 60s, 70s and 80s is supposed to be about preparing for and then settling into retirement. However, like many other Pennsylvania Baby Boomers, you might be gearing up to tackle something a little different -- divorce rate. Splitting up at this age can be difficult, though, so you should be prepared to tackle unique obstacles as they come.

It is not all bad news, though. Divorce at any age can have a significant impact on a person's life, so you are not necessarily at an unfair disadvantage when ending your marriage. Indeed, there may even be some aspects of your divorce that are easier to deal with than if you had decided to call things off when you were younger.

Seeking the full amount of recompense you need after an accident

The aftermath of a car accident can be costly, painful and expensive. Pennsylvania victims often find themselves dealing with serious injuries, as well as expensive medical bills and other consequences that extend to various parts of their lives. If you are a victim, you may be able to seek appropriate damages for your losses through a personal injury claim.

If your accident was the result of the reckless or negligent actions of another person, you could have grounds to move forward with civil claim. Since it is your recovery and future at stake, it is prudent to be certain you are seeking the maximum amount of damages through your claim. It can be helpful to understand the various types of damages that may be available to accident victims. 

Arrested for DUI? These issues may apply to your situation

Because drunk driving takes so many lives every year throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation, law enforcement agents and court officials will likely come down hard on you if they suspect you have been operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Such situations often lack clarity, however, for situations are not always as they seem. For instance, you may have taken a cold medicine or used mouthwash that caused a breath test to register positive for alcohol. 

Local, state and federal governments often implement certain tools and programs in the hope of reducing the number of drunk driving collisions and arrests that take place on the nation's roadways. Facing DUI charges does not necessarily mean the court will convict you for the crime. The better you understand your rights and the stronger support network you have in place, the likelier you will be able to mitigate your circumstances.  

Practical ideas to provide divorce support for your children

As a Pennsylvania parent, you understand that your children depend on you, not only for their temporal needs but to help promote and support their overall well-being as well. When you decided to divorce, you likely worried about the potential negative impact it could have on your kids. Many other parents have felt this way in similar situations. Every child is unique; therefore, no two kids will react the exact same way when they learn their parents are planning to divorce.

Most children, however, can adapt and fare as well as possible if they feel reassured of their parents' love, and can tap into available support resources as needed. As their parent, you know what's best for them, and you can help protect their best interests when proceedings begin to determine child-related aspects of your settlement.

The shifting perception of moms as primary caregivers

Decades ago, the mother stayed home and raised the children while her husband went out and earned a living. A lot has changed since then, and now many fathers defy those traditions in order to stay home and raise the children while their wives focus on their careers. In other cases, both parents share the child-rearing responsibilities as equally as they can.

Each of you may have equal rights within your home, but courts here in Pennsylvania and across the country may still struggle to keep up with the times. The good news is that more courts consider shared custody as serving the best interests of the children, but some bias toward mothers may remain.

Noncustodial parents can still be a big part of the kids' lives

Research shows that sharing parenting time as close to equal as possible is better for the children. They adjust to their new circumstances better and enjoy close relationships with both parents. Does that mean that if you only have visitation and the other parent has physical custody of the kids most of the time that they won't adjust well? Of course not.

Even as a noncustodial parent, you can interact with your children and remain involved in their lives despite the fact that you don't have as much in-person time with them. You and the other parent may make a conscious choice to structure your parenting plan with one of you having the children more than the other does. This could be due to a variety of factors, including work schedules or the distance between your homes. Regardless, you and your children can still enjoy a close relationship.

Taking the necessary measures in the aftermath of a collision

Countless circumstances exist under which a car accident might occur. Common causes can range from distracted or reckless driving to impairment or intoxication. Regardless of the reasons, the result is often the same, with many collisions ending in disaster.

Suffering serious injuries in a car accident can hinder your ability to carry out daily tasks such as work, which can lead to a wide variety of hardships. Perhaps the other driver was at fault in your collision. You might wish to pursue compensation for your losses, and taking certain measures following the incident could be crucial to the process.

Planning a wedding? Do not forget to plan for future protection.

Are you engaged and planning to marry soon? Like other Pennsylvania couples, you are likely overwhelmed by all of the details that come with planning a wedding, but there may be more to think about. It is easy to be focused on the day of the wedding itself, but planning for your future is also important.

Planning to protect your future is as simple as working with a lawyer to draft a prenuptial agreement. This may not seem like a romantic thought as you approach your wedding, but it is a smart, practical step for couples of all income levels. This step can provide you with peace to mind as you approach your future together.

Arrested for DUI? Did you supposedly fail a field sobriety test?

Most people joke about not being able to walk a straight line when they are sober, let alone after drinking. Even though you might even say this in jest, the sentiment makes a valid point. Not everyone can walk a straight line, and that fact could result in an arrest on suspicion of DUI.

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