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July 2014 Archives

Summer visitation can raise questions about child custody

Are your co-parented children receiving the best guidance from both you and your ex-spouse? For parents who find themselves shuttling their kids back and forth between households in Pennsylvania, this may be a difficult question to answer. Since summer visitation season is in full swing, we thought we would provide you with a few extra tips to help you boost your co-parenting skills to serve the best interests of the child you love.

Your secret property division weapon: A simple calculator

Did you know that you have a secret weapon in your Pennsylvania divorce? No, we are not talking about some kind of super-secret spy device a la James Bond -- we are talking about a simple calculator. Divorce experts say that a simple number-crunching session with a financial planner may help many avoid unfair property division agreements, even if soon-to-be divorcees thought they were getting a good deal.

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